Bather-in-Training Q&A

Do I need previous grooming experience to apply? You do not! If you meet the other Bather-in-Training criteria, we hope that you will apply.

I have previous grooming experience; can I still apply? Yes, please do if you meet the other Bather-in-Training criteria.


I have lots of previous experience grooming, would I have to be retrained? Yes. We believe it will be most effective for collaborative work if our initial Mudroom Muddies all begin with the same training.


Where will I live while attending the Healthy Spot Academy? Mud Bay will provide housing for academy attendees. Have a peek at the apartment and salon here!

Will Mud Bay cover the costs of getting me to LA? Mud Bay will cover most or all of the costs to get you down to LA. We expect that housing will be fully furnished and that you will not need to bring much more than yourself. If there are other barriers to relocation, we are open to discussing your needs.

Will I continue to earn pay while in training? Yes. Although we have not yet established a payscale.

What expenses will I have to pay for and what will Mud Bay cover? Muddies will be responsible for personal expenses including pet food and pet care expenses if you bring your pet.


Can I take my pet(s) with me? You may take up to 2 pets (upon approval) with you.


Can my family go with me?  If your family elected to move with you to LA for 10 weeks, they would do so at their own expense.


How often can I return to the PNW during the 10 weeks I’ll be away? You will be responsible for scheduling your time away to coincide with breaks in your training. BiTs must be present for their coursework M-F 9:00 am-5:30 pm. Mud Bay may subsidize the cost of traveling home during your stay in LA.


What happens if I do not successfully complete the training? We want candidates who feel confident that they will be able to commit to and successfully complete the 10 weeks of training. If you aren’t sure you can, this might not be the right opportunity for you. If, despite the best of your well-informed intentions, it turns out that you and dog bathing aren't a good fit (or, for some other reason, you fail to complete the training), then, Mud Bay will strive to offer you a new position that is similar (but quite possibly not identical) to the position you left in order to become a BiT.  You will be welcome to apply to future opportunities with Happy, Clean Pets. (1)

What happens if I don’t succeed as a dog bather? If you complete the training but you or Mud Bay subsequently decide that you are not successful as a working bather, then Mud Bay will strive to offer you a new position that is similar (but quite possibly not identical) to the position you left in order to become a BiT. (1)

Will Mud Bay cover costs of moving to Thurston County if I don’t live there? Mud Bay will assist with relocation outside of your current living area, if necessary.

How long may I be expected to travel for work? Since we don’t know yet which Mud Bay locations will have Mudrooms and cannot predict how long it might take to get enough staff trained and working, we don’t have a solid answer for that. It may be a couple of years.


I cannot travel but I am interested in working in this new area of business. What are my options? We expect that there will be many future opportunities in Happy, Clean Pets for Muddies who are interested, but we don’t know what or where those opportunities are yet. Feel free to reach out to any NBE or keep an eye on this website or the Mud Bay blog for updates on future opportunities.

I have more questions, who do I talk to? You are welcome to call any of the NBEs, Lars, or Linda and we'll do our best to find out what you need to know. Alternatively, email or send us a message through the We want to hear from you page.

(1) Of course, in the very unlikely event that Mud Bay decides that you are not a good fit for Mud Bay, then Mud Bay may end your Mud Bay employment--just as it can for any other Muddy.

Mud Bay New Businesses Q&A

Let us know if you have specific questions about new businesses at Mud Bay

Why is Mud Bay changing its business model?

Mud Bay's business model has changed very little over the last 30 years.  When Mud Bay's strategic planning team (The Twenty) was tasked with creating a business model for Mud Bay in 2020, we concluded that the mission that has long driven Mud Bay (contributing to the health of dogs and cats and the happiness of those who care for them while building a strong company we're proud of) can encompass much more than giving advice and selling food and supplies inside retail stores.  We also realized that it makes a lot of sense for Mud Bay to fulfill customers' expectations that we will allow them to buy things digitally and receive them at home or at curbside.  We also realized that expanding our business model will create lots of valuable new opportunities for Muddies. 

What opportunities will there be for Muddies as new businesses ramp up?

Right now, our first three New Business Entrepreneurs are hard at work creating visions of Mud Bay's new businesses. The next Muddies to become involved with new businesses will be the New Business Integrators. These are representative from several home office departments and soon, from stores and store operations. Their role will be to help bring the new businesses into the Mud Bay fold. As the new businesses evolve and grow there will be opportunities for many kinds of service providers from dog washers to catifiers, delivery drivers to digital experience managers, and so much more!  

What new businesses are the NBEs first focusing on?

The NBEs and Exec Team have agreed to focus first on three new business areas to explore and develop:

  1. Happy, Clean Pets - Mud Bay's grooming experience;

  2. Food and supplies without entering a store - a multi-part business that may include pre-order and curbside pickup, home delivery, and/or other ideas we are currently kicking around.

  3. The digital Mud Bay experience - nearly every business has an online presence; Mud Bay's will be extraordinary!

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