What other opportunities will Mud Bay future hold?

New Business Entrepreneurs (NBEs) are the first positions we created to focus on Mud Bay's new businesses, but we expect many other positions down the road. 

What comes after NBE?


  • New Business Integrators (NBIs)

New Business Integrators will work with New Business Entrepreneurs to help us develop and support Mud Bay’s new busineses and to lead their integration with the rest of Mud Bay.  We think that most NBIs will be muddies who have other day jobs, but who spend part of their time at work on: 1) Understanding what we're doing and planning to do with new businesess; 2) Anticipating the impact of our new businesses on the rest of Mud Bay; 3) Anticipating the help our new businesses will need from the rest of Mud Bay; 4) Organizing and leading the efforts of muddies to integrate and support our new businesses.

  • New business staff and leaders

We expect our NBEs to be the first operators of our new businesses, but as these businesses begin to grow and start to attract more customers, NBEs will need help.  Lots of it.  As new businesses scale up, we expect that we will begin recruiting for many new Mud Bay positions.  We anticipate that some of these positions will be completely focused on specific new roles, but we expect that many of these positions will combine work in a retail store with work in other areas.  We won't know more about these positions until we begin to make headway toward inventing our new businesses, but as soon as we do know more, you can be sure we'll begin letting muddies know what kind of opportunities we see coming.

Sound interesting?

Send us a message to let us know you're interested or, check our Q&A page for more information.

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