We are recruiting 

two to three Mudroom Bathers-in-Training!

Are you a potential Groomer-in-Training?


We’re ready for more Muddies to join Mud Bay’s journey into new businesses! 

Our NBEs have been hard at work on moving Mud Bay toward its goal of providing more for dogs, cats and their owners.  As our first Groomers-in-Training are nearing their certifications, we're ready for 2 or 3 more Muddies begin their training for our soon-to-open Mudrooms. 

Are you a potential Bather-in-Training?

We see Mud Bay’s Bathers-in-Training (BiTs) as the pioneers of Mud Bay’s grooming services. BiTs will learn from an established grooming academy in Los Angeles, CA to become competent dog handlers, bathers and sanitary groomers. They will have the support of NBE Nichole Martin , set to finish the Healthy Spot program Q1 2019. The BiT will be a transitional position that we expect (but don’t guarantee) will grow into a long-term position in the Mudroom.

Bathers-in-Training are Muddies who...


  • Work with others in a way that closely aligns with How We Work Together

  • Have a sense of adventure and a desire to do something new and untried

  • Have completed their First Year Journey

  • Embrace change and thrive in an environment of uncertainty and rapid change

  • Possess intellectual curiosity and are eager to learn

  • Collaborate well and value differing experiences and viewpoints

  • Understand the need for continuous improvement

  • Excel at delivering the MBX in a fast-paced environment

  • Have dog handling experience and are comfortable with dogs of all breeds and sizes; can physically handle pets safely and competently with the proper amount of control and safety

  • Can lift (at least 25lbs), stand, bend, sit, stoop for different (sometimes extended) periods of time

  • Are calm and patient in a high-stress environment

  • Are reliable and punctual

  • Are respectful of the space and property of others

  • Are willing and able to relocate for extended periods of time

  • Are willing and able to travel as a Mudroom Muddy for Mud Bay

  • Understand how to conduct themselves as a representative of Mud Bay 

  • Can commit to attending 10 weeks of coursework in Los Angeles, CA, Monday-Friday from 9:00 am – 5:30 pm, with occasional work on weekends as determined by Healthy Spot.

  • Can commit to to opening Mud Bay's first Mudroom locations in Thurston County, throughout 2019; then in other regions over the next years.

What does the initial training involve?
  • Our BiTs will travel to Studio City (LA), CA to attend the Healthy Spot Academy to begin coursework Spring 2019. The training is 10 weeks of full-time, hands-on training from professional grooming trainers.

  • Candidates will be provided housing while attending the Academy.

Once the initial training is successfully completed, we expect our GiTs to…
  • Return to Mud Bay to work in the first Mudroom location in Thurston County, WA.

  • Bathe, dry, brush out, and do maintenance grooms on dogs in the Mudroom

  • Build relationships with retail Muddies

  • Work in various Mud Bay locations as Mudroom services grow


The Mud Bay careers of our BiTs will evolve the way everymuddy's do -- if, and when, possible opportunities become realities and if, and when, we prove to be the best choice for a new position.  

The Mudroom at Mud Bay will be a constantly changing and dynamic environment as we continue to fine-tune how we will deliver the best services in the region.  It is almost certain that some aspects of our plans--our plans for grooming, for our grooming academy, for our BiTs, etc.--will change as we learn more. 


Have questions? Check our Q&A page to see if we've covered them.

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