The why for Mud Bay's venture into services...
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Mud Bay is excited to introduce our first new service for dogs at two locations
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Not every dog requires grooming, but nearly every dog will, at some point in its life, have a skin or coat issue that needs care. 

Mud Bay has built its reputation providing healthy food and supplement solutions for dogs with challenging skin and coat issues. We realize that even after you've found that just-right food for your dog, it may take 6 to 12 weeks before you see significant results.  That means your dog may continue to be itchy and uncomfortable for some time.

The Mud Room is dedicated your dog's skin and coat wellness.

The Mud Room is here to help with solutions for the outside of your dog to support the solutions Mud Bay offers for the inside.

The Mud Room is new, so our hours, services and prices will evolve as we learn what's most important to our customers

But some things won't change.

  • We will always offer options that are best for the skin and coat type of each individual dog.

  • We will always work at the dog's comfort level. That means even fearful, nervous dogs or dogs that outright hate being bathed are welcome at the Mud Room. Our trained staff will work with your dog in a relaxed, stress free manner to gradually acclimate them to being handled, washed, trimmed, and clipped. If what your dog needs to succeed and build trust is to have one nail clipped at every visit, the Mud Room will work with your dog until all nails have been completed. We believe that every dog deserves low-stress care.

  • We will always offer the best products we can find to bathe and treat your dog's skin and coat.

  • We will always strive to give you and your dog the same great Mud Bay experience you find in our retail stores.


Our initial menu of services and hours follow. We are currently taking appointments by phone, or you may drop by during any of our open hours. Depending on the service you select, we may be able to take care of your pup while you do your Mud Bay shopping!


Based on coat type and size of dog​

Bath package 1: 

Shampoo/conditioner, nails, dry, minimal deshed/demat, tooth spray, eyes, ears, glands on request

Bath package 2: 

Everything in bath package 1 plus pads and sanitary trim

Bath package 3: 

Everything in bath package 2 plus face/feet/tail/profile trim


Lacey location: Monday & Tuesday  10am-4pm

Olympia location: Wednesday & Thursday 10am-4pm

Call (360) xxx-xxxx for an appointment or stop in during open hours. 

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