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Why Services?


Last year, Mud Bay's strategic planning team (The Twenty) read, studied, and worked hard to imagine what the landscape of American pet retail would look like by 2020. After imagining the future, The Twenty invented a business model that would enable Mud Bay to thrive in the future we think we'll be encountering. 

Which Services?


Mud Bay's new business model is broad enough to encompass a wide range of pet services, but the exec team has decided that we should begin by focusing on developing three services:

  1. In-home services (dog walking, pet sitting, etc.)

  2. Dog wash and pet grooming

  3. Curbside pickup and home delivery



Expanding Mud Bay's business to include services will open up many opportunities for Muddies. The first opportunities will be for three New Business Entrepreneurs,  the leaders who will develop, test and launch Mud Bay's initial services for cats, dogs and their owners. Learn more about Mud Bay's New Business Entrepreneurs, or other opportunities with Mud Bay Services.

Invention is in Mud Bay's DNA

Mud Bay was one of the first retailers in the world to focus on natural foods for cats and dogs. We were also one of the first to provide detailed information and complete solutions to dog and cat owners.  Now, we're going to invent an approach to pet services that furthers Mud Bay's Mission and expands the Mud Bay Experience. Even though services will be part of Mud Bay, we are going to approach developing our service businesses as if they were startups.  We'll use an approach called Lean Startup to help us develop the best possible approach to services in a cost-and time-efficient manner.  Want to learn more about Lean Startup?  Watch this short video.

Services will be a Mud Bay Startup!

Since the days of one tiny store and four staff back in 1988, Mud Bay has grown a lot.  We have increased the number of our locations and the number of cats, dogs and owners each location serves.  But for all this growth, we haven't really changed how we connect with and help our customers.  We still do it by giving advice and selling products, face-to-face, inside our physical stores.  In launching our first three services, we'll be inventing entirely new businesses, and we'll approach these new businesses as startups.  Our goal will be to create the best businesses we can imagine to deliver each of these services. 

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