What is a New Business Entrepreneur (NBE)?

Mud Bay's first three New Business Entrepreneurs (NBEs) are the leaders who are beginning to develop and test, and who will eventually launch Mud Bay's new businesses for dogs, cats and their owners. This is a new role at Mud Bay and we've hired a terrific team. Here is what they've been doing so far: 


NBEs are reading and studying to begin to master the concepts and skills of entrepreneurship.  In particular NBEs are studying the Lean Startup method, Customer Development, Value Propositions, the Business Model Canvas and Blue Ocean Strategy.


NBEs are getting out of the office to talk with and come to understand, the wants and needs of lots of potential customers.

Visioning & Strategizing

NBEs are using what they've learned from talking with customers to define visions, strategies and business models for each of our new businesses.

Experimenting with real customers

They'll develop, test and learn from Minimum Viable Products.


NBEs will recruit, train, mentor and lead the other muddies who are helping them operate our new service businesses.


NBEs will work closely with the muddies who will help support our new businesses and integrate them into the rest of Mud Bay. They'll work especially closely with a group of New Business Integrators, the muddies who lead Mud Bay's efforts to support and integrate our new businesses.

Performing thought experiments

Working together as a team, NBEs are testing and improving their strategies and business models. They'll identify the key assumptions that underlie their strategies--the things that have to be true for each strategy to succeed and for each business model to work. They'll use feedback from Lars & Linda, the exec team and others to challenge and clarify their thinking.


To really figure something out, people usually need to immerse themselves in all of the details.  So our NBEs will spend a lot of their time actually operating the new businesses they're inventing: making deliveries, washing dogs, feeding cats etc.


Since this is a new role at Mud Bay, it will probably evolve a lot--and NBEs will play a big role in figuring out how their roles need to evolve.

Our NBEs are Muddies who...

  • Work with others in a way that closely aligns with How We Work Together.

  • Have dog expertise (two of our three NBEs have solid dog expertise).

  • Have cat expertise (two of our three NBEs have solid cat expertise).

  • Are customer focused: they are careful, attentive listeners with a powerful drive to provide what others want and need.

  • Are results oriented, with a strong work ethic and the ability to persevere when the going gets tough.

  • Have a start-up mentality-- they are self-starters with the ability to invent and experiment with minimal outside resources.

  • Are comfortable with uncertainty, whose first inclinations are to give something new a try, and to ask forgiveness afterwards rather than permission beforehand.

  • Are open-minded and have vision (the inclination to imagine a future that's different from the present).

  • Really gets Mud Bay's culture and have the ability to explain and further it.

  • Are strategic thinkers who see the big picture and instinctively looks for patterns, trends and causal relationships.

  • Learning about business finances and operations.

  • Are able to speak and write clearly and effectively.

  • Have an inclination to measure, quantify, and compare.

  • Have experience managing projects.

Have questions? Check our Q&A page to see if we've covered them.

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